3 ingredients the best skin creme for men should contain

If I told you more men today are using skin care creams than ever before – would you believe me? Well it’s true… so if you haven’t tried one yet, maybe the time has come to start thinking about using the best skin creme for men.

The three main causes of skin aging in both men and women are loss of collagen and elastin skin proteins. Lower levels of hyaluronic acid and oxidation caused by the action of free radicals resulting in oxidative stress. Therefore, the best skin care cream products need substances that are capable of addressing and rejuvenating the skin to better cope with these skin issues.

Over the last 12 months a handful of new skin creams have come into the market with unique ingredients not seen before, some specifically target and help men’s skin problems.

I guess the most annoying thing a man has to do each day is shave; they just can’t avoid it unless they grow a beard. The silly thing is… it causes most of their facial skin problems like irritation, redness and chaffs. So, the next male skin products you buy should include 3 ingredients that can help you to avoid getting these men skin problems, or at the very least improve them.

Keratin has been shown to stimulate and increase your levels of collagen and elastin protein skin cells. It’s also been shown that it has another property that can inhibit Prostaglandin E2 production, which is considered to be the cause of inflammation in men’s skin.

A powerful antioxidant – Wakame can inhibit hyalurondase a harmful enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid causing oxidative stress.

Another potent anti-oxidant Coenzyme Q10 in a special “nano-emulsion” form is extremely effective at removing free radicals from your skin. It’s also capable of producing more collagen and elastin skin cells.

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