Ingredients to look for in your best skin care products

Before we read about specific ingredients, it’s valuable to educate ourselves a little bit on skin itself and what makes a product poor or good. The biggest reason our skin, whether on the face or the anywhere else on the body, develops lines and/or starts to sag, is that the elastin and collagen in our skin begins to break down. Collagen is a protein that is fibrous in nature. What makes collagen different from other kinds of protein is that it possesses great tensile strength, which helps it to provide firmness to the skin.

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that as collagen breaks down due to aging, the firmness of our skin becomes less firm. Skin starts to sag and fine lines and wrinkles began to appear. Elastin is also a protein that helps skin stay firm and flexible. If your skin is stretched, elastin is the protein that helps it reverse to its original position.

What all of this means for you is you do not want to purchase the so called best skin care products that is nothing more than a cream or skin lotion that fills in wrinkles and fine lines, giving the image of temporarily nicer skin when it’s on…but the illusion shattered when you wash it off. Instead you want the best skin care product that contains ingredients that actually stimulates new elastin and collagen production in your skin. If you achieve this, you will, in reality, begin to turn back the clock.

Now, pay attention here because I’m going to share with you something extremely critical. Some of the manufacturers of more pricey skin lotion products will try to fool the consumer by incorporating some really good active ingredients. What’s wrong with that you say? Well, here’s the strategy they use. Because these active ingredients are beneficial for the skin, they include some just so that they can legally note them on the label. This way, the typical consumer thinks they are getting the best skin care product. But, because these ingredients are costly, and because, as mentioned before, a lot of well known companies are already spending much of their budget on advertising and marketing, they don’t put in enough of these ‘active ingredients’ to have any real benefit for your skin.

So, when choosing your best skin care product, it’s not just about selecting one with good ingredients; it’s also about determining which one has the highest concentration of these good ingredients.

Collagen: After what you’ve just learned about the significance of collagen, you would think that buying a skin lotion with collagen in it would be a great thing. And the marketers who sell products that contain collagen know this. But it’s a useless ingredient because collagen molecules are much too large to penetrate into the skin when applied topically. To be of any use, you must purchase best skin care products with ingredients that have been shown to stimulate your body to produce it’s own collagen.

Phytessence Wakame: Phytessence Wakame is exotic kelp, native to the Japanese Sea. It works by blocking a harmful enzyme in your body called hyaluronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic acid in your skin. You may be thinking, “well who cares.” You should because without hyaluronic acid, the collagen and elastin fibers lose their “glue.” This leads to the loss of that great youthful appearance and the beginning of dark eye circles. But don’t just take my word for it. If you research this on wikipedia, you will read, for example, “Hyaluronan is also a major component of skin, where it is involved in tissue repair.”

CoQ10: If you look at the ingredient list for some of the best skin care anti aging products, you’ll often see Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 listed. CoQ10 is a vitamin like substance that is found in all of our body’s cells and is very important for healthy skin. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant. Skin damage and aging comes from free radicals causing havoc in our body’s cells. CoQ10’s antioxidant ability can stop these free radicals before damage occurs. Unfortunately, like many other important substances, as we age, the amount of CoQ10 in our bodies decreases or becomes depleted.

Although CoQ10 is a phenomenal ingredient, not all forms are equal. One in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest – it is called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. Don’t let the name scare you off, though. Here’s why it’s different. Most of the CoQ10 you buy in a typical skin lotion product is not readily usable when applied topically to the skin.

Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, on the other hand, is a special nano-emulsion form of CoQ10, which penetrates down deeply into the skin providing much greater benefits for skin health. In fact, Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 can penetrate down 7 layers deep into the skin. Because this version of CoQ10 can penetrate so deeply, it is very effective at gobbling up free radicals in your skin. The result is a powerful anti-wrinkle effect. Nano-Lipobelle can also promote elastin and collagen production as well.

These three main active ingredients together are some of the most powerful anti aging skin products available, and can significantly improve the feel and appearance of your skin.

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